Targeted Direct Mailing

If you are going to do a marketing campaign then you might want to consider Targeted Mailing as part of your program.
Targeted direct mailing lists are extremely powerful when used the right way.  Direct mail still pulls 5-9 times higher response rate than other digital direct marketing.  We want you to reach the consumers that matters most to your business and get your business noticed with our advertising specialties. 

Why hit the whole neighborhood and waste money when you could be very specific about who you want to target.  With Peacock Business Solutions, we make it very easy for you.  We find out who your specific target is with business size, number of employees, annual income, and a defined demographic location.

We will design your mailing piece, procure your mailing list, print and address them and deliver to the post office.

If you are considering a direct marketing campaign give us a call for a free consultation.


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